Rules & Waiver

Rules & Waiver

Visitors to Jump'n'Putt agree to sign a waiver, abide by the rules and observe the following terms and conditions:

1. Once completed, your booking is non-refundable, non-transferable, and only applicable for the session booked.

2. Access to the trampoline will only be permitted in conjunction with a valid and completed Jump'n'Putt Declaration, Warrant, Waiver and Release form for each participant. This form is available from the website, or from Jump'n'Putt.

Download Jump'n'Putt Waiver (PDF 112KB)

3. Access to the trampoline may be denied or cancelled if the Jump'n'Putt rules are not followed by each participant. These rules are available from the website and are on display at Jump'n'Putt.

Download Jump'n'Putt Rules (PDF 269KB)